Once A Week Cooking Plans

once a week cooking plans

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SMC 47 - Peanut Butter Payload Pancakes

SMC 47 - Peanut Butter Payload Pancakes

OMG, Week 47?! Really?! Five more weeks, and it's been a year?!

Well, I got this idea on Friday to make chocolate pancakes with peanut butter in the middle. I was watching a Reese's commercial when it clicked (kind of a "duh" moment, really). I made a test batch Saturday, which worked out well, so I just repeated the recipe (scaled down for 1 serving instead of 4) today.

A little shy of 1/3 C all-purpose flour
Around 2 T cocoa powder
Pinch of salt
Around 2 T sugar
1/2 tsp Baking Powder
1/4 tsp Baking Soda

1 large egg
1/3 C buttermilk, room temperature

Other things you'll need:
Peanut butter
Maybe some fresh fruit to slice and put on top
Maybe some whipped cream or butter to add for a little added flavor

Put heat to the frying pan, griddle, skillet, or whatever else you'll be using to cook these babies. A large, flat surface is needed, the larger and flatter the better (you'll need room to insert the flipping agent after all, it goes in better flat than at an angle). Go ahead and put remove the lid from the peanut butter and place the jar near the cooking surface. Close enough that it will get the radiant heat, but far enough away that the jar won't melt. Our goal is to have the peanut butter warm up in the jar so it'll be easier to work with later. This is also a good time to set out the syrup for the same reason (warm syrup is better).

Combine the dry ingredients. You can sift them together, or you can just use a fork to mix them like I did. They should end up reasonably consistent, but perfection is not required with pancakes.

Add the wet ingredients right on top of the dry. Since there's only two, and you can have measured out the buttermilk before this step (so it could get to room temperature while the rest of the quart stays cool in the fridge) to make it go quicker. Remember, your leaveners start working as soon as they get wet. So, while rushing isn't necessary, don't dawdle, either.

Mix for about 10-12 seconds. A spatula works well. It should be roughly consistent. Just count to 10 slowly in your head. Once you're at 10, just walk away. It's okay if there's lumps, or bits of the "dry team" on the sides of the bowl, or etc. It'll all work out fine. Now, let it sit for a couple minutes.

Remember that 1/3 cup measure you used to measure the flour and the buttermilk (trust me, it's easier if you use that one instrument for both)? Grab it and use it to "ladel" your batter onto the cooking surface. Fill it at least half full, but not quite 2/3rds full. Pour the scoop's contents onto a part of the cook surface. Ideally, this will make three pancakes, so plan your space accordingly. Once you're done laying out your set, spoon out some peanut butter into the middle of each of your pancakes, right on top of the batter. At this point, you can cover the peanut butter with a little more batter, or you can just let it go (your pan may end up a little dirtier this way, and make sure you serve the appropriate side up -- if you want the surprise, the original bottom needs to be on top; otherwise, your eaters will see what's coming). If your peanut butter is warm and liquidy enough, you can work it around more than just a big dollop in the middle, but make sure you leave some edge space, as this is where you'll look for the set bubbles to know it's time to flip (that is, bubble forms, bubble pops, hole from bubble remains). Once this happens, go ahead and flip the pancake, trying to deliver it back to the cook surface as flat as possible. Again, perfection is not required. The other side will cook in about half the time, give or take.

Serve on a plate, top with syrup and/or your own topping selection. I prefer to eat my way around the edge, leaving the middle for last, so you get that big peanut butter payload.

43 - 52

43 - 52

Hello You!

Hello all. Week 43 already, blimey Christmas soon eh? Hows your week been? Mine has been pretty good too :-)

In no order I have got a lot done as work ramps up for the new year (I've even had to invoke my white wipe board for my overspill to do list!); went out for excellent Tapas once more at JohhnyMooCow's county and once more the owner tried to rip us off. So shortsighted of him seeing as it was a Monday and we are the only thing keeping him open !!

Mid week was a couple of relaxing nights, Especially since we finally got our hot water fixed - we have been borrowing showers off people for weeks now and finally having hot water was a right treat. I am very clean now :-)

We have eaten well all week, Morse has been on holiday and cooking some great fresh and organic stuff the last few days.

So thursday, I was going to take my 52 but forgot and a shame that was too. Me and V1ctory_1s_M1ne have been planning to go for a run for a while. He didn't fancy it when I was running 25k a week but now he's fit and Im fat he's up for it - who would have known?


Anyway, we actually managed to coincide and I decided to try a jog and see if my knees hold out - after the X-ray and the MRI came back clear a firend (and trainer) of mine suggested I ran on it a fair bit to kind of kill or cure. So that I did and I was suprised at my residual levels of fitness. Barely had I put one foot infont of another for 12 months and I knocked out 4 laps of a 400m track, 1 mile in your English.

That was good enough for me. I was still alive and my knees didn't hurt. Actually thought I could go further but not first time eh, even I'm too experienced for that!

Friday came, along with takeaway curry (Chicken Tikka Pathia Dhansak, mushroom fried rice) and Saturday brought a lovely 1year olds birthday party at Morton's mom and dad's house. Prior to that we stopped for coffee and cake at Cafe Nero in town.

Luka here is wondering where morse has gone - she went for the coffee!

Nicely paced week with me taking 5 minutes each day to smile and be thankful for what I have got and achieved so far.

More to come though, lots more.

Enjoy the dying embers of October and then its the 2 month run to Christmas. Is that a good thing?

once a week cooking plans

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