Cool Fun Cooking Games

cool fun cooking games

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Flickr Meet - Manchester

Flickr Meet - Manchester

I was so priviledged to have been invited to watch a Manchester United Home game at Old Trafford from one of the Executive Suites. Here we are sitting having a 3 course meal served by 2 dedicated waiters. That was awesome! Thanks guys for making it happen!

We went out after the match to take some Night shots in Manchester. We had a lot of fun and laughs even though it was pretty cold!

I was concentrating so hard holding the camera with one hand and taking the shot, that I forgot to smile :-)

Kosak 13

Kosak 13

I moved to Herndon, VA in June of 2007. Second thing I did after finding a place to live was to find a place to play hockey. I hooked up with a group of guys who were a lot like the crew in Cleveland. Not great hockey players, but a cool group. No yelling at each other on the bench or anything like that. After the game, we hang out in the parking lot and cook out or have a couple of beers and talk about the goal that got away.

cool fun cooking games

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